Welcome to Ancestral Memory! Our aim is to assist in the task of reclaiming those African cultural manifestations which either have been abandoned or misappropriated and in preserving those which are on the verge of dying out. Project Reclamation is the activity through which we strive to accomplish the aforementioned goals.    

Project Reclamation
Through this component we offer lectures ("African Linguistic Survivals in U.S. English," "African-Derived Names in the U.S.," "The Naming of Africa"); lecture-demonstrations of African/African-American musical instruments; musical instrument-making workshops                                                                                and a children's interactive program ("African/African-American Language Safari") designed for youngsters aged 8-14. So if you're interested in booking an African/African-American cultural presentation for your museum, college/university, public/private school, library, governmental agency, community/elderly center, festival or other special event, we hope you'll consider us. For details, click on the "Our Offerings " tab above.

Pan-African Arts
If it's a certain musical instrument that you're seeking, we just might have it on hand or be able to make it for you. We craft a number of African and African-derived musical instruments, which we offer for sale through our Pan-African Arts component.  

To purchase a musical instrument click here:
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(rattles, drums, xylophones, "thumb pianos," etc.);
Pictured above are examples of musical instruments that Eddie Osborne uses in lecture-demonstratons. Left to right (foreground): gutbucket (washtub bass), ubo-akabala; (background): berimbau with caxixi (basket rattle), ndongodundun,  
barrel drumilimbasakarașèkèrèaxatsekora (being held).